Need help understanding and getting ready for exams in your law school trusts course?  The PASS online academic success workshops offer a review of the typically tested areas in trusts classes.  In plain English with simple and easy-to-understand examples, get a good grasp of the rules regarding creation and administration of express trusts, charitable trusts, and trusts that arise by operation of law such as constructive trusts and purchase money resulting trusts.

This supplemental course is designed to develop your legal analysis and writing skills while reinforcing the black letter law rules and theories you must know to succeed on your trusts midterm and/or final exam.  This workshop includes several hours of interactive lecture.  Using the PASS approach checklists, you will learn how to break apart, analyze and draft a complete response to essay-length hypotheticals.

Would PASS online academic support help you?  Test yourself:

  • Explain what is necessary to form a valid trust.
  • What are some differences between a charitable trust and a private trust?
  • Explain the duties of a trustee?
  • Who is the trustor?  Who is the settlor?
  • What is meant by the trust res?
  • Can a trust be modified or terminated?  How?

These and other questions regarding trusts should be easily answerable after completing the online workshop.

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