Top Ten Tips for Success on the FYLSE


  1. Get a study schedule calendared.  (The most common reason for failure is not devoting enough time to preparation.)
  2. Enroll in a quality review program, such as PASS the FYLSE
  3. Master Torts, Contracts, and Criminal Law including understanding how all the main parts of the subjects fit together logically.
  4. Practice outlining and writing essay exams daily.
  5. Practice completing FYLSE multiple choice questions daily.
  6. If you are working while studying, take off time from work and/or reduce working hours.
  7. Decrease all your distractions — try to reduce or at least eliminate anything that takes you away from FYLSE study for the 6-8 weeks prior to the exam.
  8. Stay positive.  Put off anything that can wait until after the exam until you have finished it.  Prioritize.
  9. Believe you can pass.  The pass rates are now for the “baby bar.”  You must be confident in your ability to pass.
  10. Improve every day.  Work slowly and steadily so you are at your peak (physically and mentally) on the day of the exam.