Full Simulated Baby Bar Exam in PASS the FYLSE

Professors Steve Bracci and Sara Berman show you how to pass the baby bar.  We will help you succeed. For less than $300, PASS the FYLSE will help you master Torts, Contracts, and Criminal Law, and PASS the FYLSE includes a full simulated FYLSE exam, with four essays in Torts, Contracts, and Criminal Law, and 100 multiple choice questions. Take the practice baby bar under timed conditions, then listen to Professor Steve Bracci debrief every single question.

Professor Bracci shows you the tricks, twists, and turns in a tough set of multiple choice questions and helps you master techniques needed to pass.

All classes are recorded and online so that if you don’t understand something, you can listen again.  It’s all there for you online so you can listen as many times as you need to have it all sink in for success.

Why do simulated exams work?  What do they give you?

1. You learn more law.

2. You learn where your weaknesses are.

3. They show you just how much stamina you need to pass the grueling test, to sit and focus all day for that many hour.

4. They help tell you what to wear.  (Do you perform better dressed in a suit?  In casual clothes?  Are you too hot or too cold?)

5. Simulated exams help you see how meals affect your performance.  See when you are tired and notice if it ties back to what you ate or drank or did not eat.  (Did you have all carbs and no protein?  Did you have all caffeine and sugar?)

6. Simulated exams give you tons of practice in exam-like fact patterns, but with the opportunity to learn from every mistake you make.

7. Simulated exams let you know where your strengths are.

8. Simulated exams remind you about what you will and won’t have at the test site with you. (Are you used to looking at a favorite clock?  Do you use post-its?)

9. Simulated exams help you find ways to calm yourself in the exam room.  (You can breathe deeply, but you cannot go get a cup of chamomile tea.)

10. When you finish and learn from the experience you know you are that much closer to passing the exam!

Sign up for PASS the FYLSE today, master the substance and strategy to pass the baby bar exam, guided the expert Steve Bracci.