Professional Responsibility

Professional Responsibility is a critical subject for law students.  You will likely take a midterm and final exam in your law school Professional Responsibility course; you will need to take the MPRE; you may have a professional responsibility essay on the bar exam; and, you may face a professional responsibility issue on a performance test on the bar exam.  Smart students become fluent in, get a good handle on, and feel comfortable answering questions in professional responsibility while taking the course in school.

The PASS online academic success workshops offer a review of the typically tested areas in professional responsibility.  In plain English with simple and easy-to-understand examples, get a good grasp of a lawyer’s many duties to his or her client, including a duty to protect confidential communications, to zealously advocate on behalf of a client, to respect rules concerning fees, and potential conflicts of interest and more.  In addition to obligations toward clients, lawyers have responsibilities toward the profession.

This supplemental course is designed to develop your legal analysis and writing skills while reinforcing the black letter law rules and theories you must know to succeed on professional responsibility exams, including hours of interactive lectures, and practice analyzing and drafting practice essay-length hypotheticals.

Would PASS online academic support help you?  Test yourself:

  • Explain the rules regarding client solicitation and ads.
  • When do client fee agreements have to be in writing?
  • Are contingency fees permissible in all cases?
  • Must you withdraw the minute you believe there is a potential conflict of interest regarding a client representation?
  • Are lawyers allowed to have consensual sexual relations with clients?
  • Is it ever permissible to file a frivolous claim to help your client?
  • What are your obligations if you know your client plans to lie on the stand?
  • May you serve as both counsel and witness in a case?
  • What happens if you know the judge personally who is scheduled to preside over a matter you are litigating?
  • Are you allowed to enter into a professional legal partnership with a non-lawyer?
  • Can you have a law clerk who has not yet passed the bar draft pleadings for you?
  • What do you do if you think your client should settle but your client does not want to do so?

These and other questions regarding professional responsibility should be easily answerable after completing the online workshop.

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