PASS The Performance Test

Many downplay the significance of the performance test, but mastering the performance test is critical to your success on the Bar Exam. A full one-third of your Bar Exam is devoted to performance testing, and each performance test is worth twice the final scoring weight of one substantive law essay question.

  • Master the skills you need to write passing performance test answers.
  • Study in the convenience of your own home or office.
  • You cannot afford to lose precious points on this part of the Bar Exam.
  • PASS the Performance Test Study Guide included.

Learn from the experts! PASS the Performance Test was created by Professor Sara Berman, Steve Bracci, and Bruce Landau, a team whose combined expertise have led thousands of students to success on the California Bar Exam.  PASS Professor Sara Berman presents the performance test classes in a friendly interactive environment, working from actual practice bar exam questions to develop the skills you need for success.

Course Materials: When you enroll, you will also receive a copy of the PASS the Performance Test study guide which includes detailed instruction on how to master the lawyering skills necessary to pass the performance test.  The book also includes a number of actual performance test questions and model answers.  You can also purchase a copy of the PASS the Performance Test Study Guides from the Legal Books Distributing website.

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