ASP For Law Schools

 PASS Bar Review & Academic Support Programs

PASS was founded in 2001 with the mission of providing the highest quality academic support services, training students to excel in law school, pass the bar, and become accomplished lawyers in their communities.

The PASS faculty includes only practicing lawyers and law professors who have passed the CA Bar Exam and have extensive experience teaching bar exam and law school writing and analytical skills.  We have worked with non-traditional and diverse students populations to help fill in the gaps of a traditional law school curriculum and help more students pass the bar exam.

Law School Services

Since its founding, in addition to a myriad of bar review and academic support programs provided to students directly, PASS has contracted with and delivered live and online professional services to ABA and California State Accredited law schools.

Working with the administration and faculty at these law schools, PASS has provided:

  • Individualized written critiques of thousands student essay and performance test exams, returned quickly and conveniently in electronic form to students,
  • 24-7 online access with personalized passwords, to bar review and academic support exam writing, course materials, lectures, and writing workshops (this includes the ability for PASS to track the number of hours students log onto lecture materials and the number of exams student write and turn in for critique),
  • Online and live lectures on core subjects tested in law school and on the bar exam;
  • Repeater programs with individualized analyses of student bar essays and PTs to help every student who did not pass the bar exam first time around pass on their second attempt;
  • Faculty bar exam calibration and training workshops,
  • Student orientation and bar exam preparedness workshops,
  • Bar Exam Analyses (a unique PASS service that schools have offered their repeat taker alumni to help with overall bar pass rates, the PASS Bar Exam Analysis provides a detailed question-by-question review and diagnosis of a student’s writing and analytical skills to assess why that student failed the exam and to prescribe the necessary changes to put the student on target for success on the next bar exam administration),
  • Simulated Bar Exam Workshops (where students take one or more days of a simulated bar exam, under timed conditions, with PASS providing exam critique and feedback),
  • Online FYLSE workshop with 100 question exam in torts, contracts, and criminal law with debriefing of answer choices;
  • Essay Writing Workshops, live and online,
  • Performance Test Workshops, live and online, and more.

Audio/Video and Written Publications

PASS has more than a hundred recorded audio and video academic support and bar review lectures on all the basic bar subjects, as well as skills and technique lectures, geared for student success on both the Essay and Performance Test portions of the CA Bar Exam.  For five years, PASS has also regularly published articles and model answers in the Los Angeles Daily Journal to California bar exam essay and performance test questions (before the State Bar’s release of their own answers).  PASS The Performance Test, now in its second printing, is used as a companion study guide to online and live performance test workshops and has also been used as a law school course text for many years.