Multistate Performance Test (MPT)

Performance Tests serve as the practical portion of the Bar Exam in many states.  If your Bar Exam includes an MPT, the types of tasks you will face on the MPT are similar to the work you might do as a beginning lawyer in a law firm — drafting legal memoranda, writing briefs to the court, letters to clients, discovery plans, settlement offers and more.

To complete a Performance Test, you will be called upon to:

  1. Read and analyze a case File and a Library of legal authorities, and
  2. Draft some document(s) based upon information you glean from those materials.

Whatever the exact tasks you must draft, passing a Performance Test requires that you demonstrate competency in the following skills:

  1. Sort detailed factual materials and separate relevant from irrelevant facts;
  2. Analyze statutory, case, and administrative materials for relevant principles of law;
  3. Apply the relevant law to the relevant facts in a manner likely to resolve a client’s problem;
  4. Identify and resolve ethical dilemmas, when present;
  5. Communicate effectively in writing;
  6. Complete a lawyering task within time constraints.

(These six skills are noted as they appear in the National Conference of Bar Examiner’s Information regarding the MPT booklet.  Go to for more info on the MPT.)

PASS the Performance Test:
PASS the Performance Test is a study guide and workbook designed to help students pass the Performance Test portion of the California Bar Exam. Because the MPT was modeled after the California Performance Test, PASS the Performance Test will also help you PASS the MPT!

The only essential difference between the California Bar Exam’s Performance Test and the Multistate Performance Test is timing.  Each California Bar Exam Performance Test (CPT) is 180 minutes in length and each Multistate Performance Test (MPT) is 90 minutes.

So, all you have to do is use the timetable conversion chart below to adapt your timing and successfully use the Six Steps to PASSing approach, set forth in full in PASS the Performance Test. Everything else about how to succeed on a California Performance Test and a Multistate Performance Test remains largely the same.

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The Six Step PASSing Plan Timetable Conversion Chart

Timing to complete a California Performance Test (“CPT”) and timing to  complete a Multistate Performance Test (“MPT”):
Task                                                                        CPT & MPT Timing

1. Skim the General Instructions   — CPT  2 min.  MPT  2 min.

2. Study Task Memo & any Format Memos —  CPT  10-15 min.  MPT  5-10 min.

3. Read/Skim the File  —  CPT 20 min.  MPT 10-15 min.

4. Read the Library — CPT  30 min.  MPT  20 min.

5. Reread, Review & Outline   — CPT  5-30 min.    MPT  10-15 min.

6. Write your Answer  — CPT  90 min.  MPT 25-35 min.


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