First Year Law Students Examination Review Course

PASS the FYLSE with Professors Steve Bracci and Sara Berman.  You can do it.  We know how. Success on the FYLSE is yours!  Get started today!!

For less than $300, get your jump start for success today on the upcoming Baby Bar (or “FYLSE” exam.)

Professors Steve Bracci and Sara Berman teach PASS the FYLSE, a comprehensive course that reviews what you need to know in Torts, Contracts, and Criminal Law to pass the exam.

Professors Steve Bracci and Sara Berman show you essay exam strategies and provides logical essay approaches tailored to each subject.

Professor Steve Bracci teaches multiple choice strategy to help you pass the 100 multiple choice questions in Torts, Contracts, and Criminal Law.

Study today with Professor Bracci, one the nation’s leading experts on both the MBE portion of the bar exam and the FYLSE.

PASS the FYLSE also includes a full simulated FYLSE exam that you can take under timed conditions and then debrief online with Professors Steve Bracci and Sara Berman.  Simulated exams are critical to your success.  They teach you what you know and what you need to learn.  Enroll today and this exam and the full debriefing is yours.  Listen as many times as you want to understand every concept fully and go out and pass your FYLSE exam.

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Enroll today in PASS The FYLSE and you will receive:

  • Three books: Study Guides to Contracts, Torts, and Criminal Law, written by Professors Steve Bracci, Sara Berman, and Bruce Landau.
  • Over 25 hours of online audio lectures that walk you through heavily tested areas of all three subjects, in accessible, easy-to-understand language.
  • Expert review by Professors Steve Bracci and Sara Berman of essay and multiple choice questions.  Learn how to rip these apart, and understand what you need to know to PASS the FYLSE!
  • Detailed logical approach Checklists to contracts, criminal law and torts.  Make these subjects simple and understandable!
  • Full simulated exam, essays and multiple choice questions.

Start on Success today.  Study with Professors Bracci and Berman.  PASS the FYLSE.

USD$295 Login or Buy Now