Exam Grading for Law Schools

Providing Extra Exam Grading for Your Students

One of the toughest parts of being a professor is finding time to do everything you know would be helpful for your students.   Having students write practice exams and providing the students with meaningful feedback is critical.  Providing that kind of exam grading takes a lot of time. PASS has created an online grading system to streamline this process and has worked with many law schools to outsource their exam grading.

Your faculty and staff can work with PASS to post the essays and/or performance tests you want your students to write.  Students download the exams, write and upload their answers, and then our expert graders, or graders of your choosing, provide feedback and electronically send the graded answers directly back to students.  Your law school will retain the ability to review the exams and answers at any point in the process, and you can get reports and data on how many exams students completed and how they scored on those exams.  All of this can be handled seamlessly online without you having to worry about hours of late-night grading.  (And, speaking of late night, students can do their work at any time that is convenient for them.)

If you are interested in learning more about online grading and helping to boost your program offerings, please contact us at info@passlaw.com or 310/ 838-1507.