Do you need help with Contracts?  Is there a Contracts midterm or final approaching?  PASS offers several ways to boost your scores on Contracts exams.

PASS online workshops review the most heavily tested areas in Contracts, and translate key concepts into plain English with easy-to-understand examples.  This supplemental Academic Success Course is designed to develop your legal analysis and writing skills while reinforcing the black letter law rules and theories you must know to succeed on your Contracts exams.   The Contracts workshops include several hours of interactive lecture and provides a detailed strategy for using PASS approach checklists to analyze, organize and draft a complete response to a number of essay hypotheticals.

The PASS Contracts lectures will help you to fully understand Contract formation issues: offer, acceptance, consideration, and defenses to forming a valid contract; performance issues including: conditions, discharge, and waiver.  Learn about Contract remedies.  Get yourself ready to handle third party issues including assignees and delegatees.

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PASS also publishes a workbook style Study Guide: PASS Contracts, a user-friendly study aid to help you pass your Contracts exams in law school and on the bar exam. It’s not a hornbook but an interactive workbook that includes the most heavily tested rules in a format that helps you learn how the issues are typically tested. The Guide also helps you become fluent with the Contracts terminology essential to exam success, with many “test yourself” opportunities and a glossary of terms. In addition to the short-answer questions, there are full-length practice Contracts essays with explanatory answers.

The guide and online course also include tips on how to study, outline, and write practice questions to prepare most effectively for your exams.

Would PASS online academic support help you?  Test yourself in Contracts:

  • What are the elements of a valid offer?
  • What is required to modify a contract under the common law and under the UCC?
  • Explain UCC section 2-207.
  • What is the mailbox rule?
  • Name several situations in which contracts must typically be in writing, and state several exceptions to the statute of frauds.

Can you quickly and confidently answer each of these questions?  If not, let the PASS Contracts study guide and online workshops prepare you for academic success.