Constitutional Law

Are you getting ready for midterms or final exams in your Constitutional Law class in law school?  Do you need help putting the course together, figuring out which parts to focus on in studying, how to study, and doing practice tests?  The PASS online academic success workshops offer a review of the typically tested areas in Constitutional Law courses.  In plain English with simple and easy-to-understand examples, get a good grasp of due process, equal protection, freedom of speech and freedom of religion and other key principles of Constitutional Law.

This supplemental course is designed to develop your legal analysis and writing skills while reinforcing the black letter law rules and theories you must know to succeed on Constitutional Law exam.  These workshops include several hours of interactive lecture.  Using the PASS approach checklists, you will learn how to break apart, analyze and draft a complete response to six essay-length hypotheticals.

Would PASS online academic support help you?  Test yourself:

  • Explain standing, ripeness, and mootness.
  • What is the rational basis test and when is it used?
  • What is intermediate scrutiny and when is it used?
  • What is strict scrutiny and when is it used?
  • What is an example of a “fundamental right?”
  • Are there any restrictions at all on commercial speech?
  • Does “freedom of speech” mean you can say anything you want, anywhere, at any time, to any audience?
  • What is an example of a right protected by the freedom of association?

These and other questions regarding Constitutional Law should be easily answerable after completing the PASS online academic support workshops.

If you want to do some additional work mastering Constitutional Law, from the convenience of your home or office, or anywhere you have internet access, log on and get started today.

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