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Failed the July Bar Exam, let Professors Bracci and Berman help you pass!

If you did not pass July, then February is yours to pass!  Get help from bar courses designed to help you at

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Failed the Bar Exam and Tempted to Quit Altogether? Don’t Quit. Get Back in the Game!

On Not Quitting: Students Look to Athletes for Inspiration

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Bar Results from the California Bar Exam

Good luck to everyone awaiting bar results this evening!

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Bar Exam Pass Results Released for CA Tomorrow

Good luck to all my students awaiting results!

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Presenting Organized Written Work is like Showing Up to an Interview Wearing Clean, Professional Attire

Earlier this week, I posted about outlining and clear and effective writing.  Your written work product, on any exam but especially on the bar exam, is a presentation of you. It is a snapshot of how you will look and sound as a lawyer.

Bar exam graders are deciding whether to let you join the “club.”  If you want to be a member, play the part!  The Essays and especially the Performance Tests are in many ways a “paper interview.”  Treat them as such and be as polished, clear, organized, and professional in your writing as you would be in an in-person interview.

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Power Tools for Success: on the July Bar Exam, the June “Baby Bar,” and law school final exams.

Taking the July bar exam?  A 100-question simulated MBE gives you an  excellent diagnostic and power training for 3 of the most heavily tested subjects: Torts, Contracts and Criminal Law.

Taking the June Baby Bar?  Get ready for your 4 essays and 100 MBE questions in 1 day.  Master Torts, Contracts and Criminal Law now.

Professor Steve Bracci, one the nation’s leading experts on the MBE, teaches multiple choice strategy in a convenient online course. Get help with this 100-question MBE power tool for success.

Gain that comfort level you need in Torts, Contracts, and Criminal Law for the June FYLSE or the July Bar Exam.  It is also a fabulous review for 1L students preparing for finals in Torts, Contracts, and Criminal Law.  Professor Bracci, has the extraordinary ability to make even the most complex areas of law straightforward an easy-to-understand.


  • If you are taking the July Bar Exam, make this 100 question MBE practice test part of your student supplements.  A power tool.  

Students seeking a comprehensive review of Torts, Contracts, and Criminal Law, with checklists, lectures, and a full simulated FYLSE (essays and multiple choice questions) should enroll in the fullBracci/Berman PASS the FYLSE course.

However, some law students simply want extra practice multiple choice questions to help in preparing for final exams or the Bar Examination. This practice test, taken from Bracci/Berman PASS the FYLSE, offers 100 multiple choice questions in Torts, Contracts, and Criminal Law, and detailed explanatory answers to those questions, for those students only wanting multiple choice practice.

USD$195 Login or Buy Now


  • If you are taking the June FYLSE, this course with full simulated exam is your success strategy.  

The FYLSE is offered only twice per year. PASS the FYLSE is a comprehensive course that reviews all the basic information you need to know about Torts, Contracts, and Criminal Law.  PASS the FYLSE also provides detailed assistance with Essay Exam Strategy, Essay Approaches tailored to each of the subjects you will be tested on, and PASS the FYLSE gives you detailed information on How to Effectively Answer Multiple Choice Questions.

Get started now with your FYLSE Review.

USD$295 Login or Buy Now


  • If you need help preparing for law school final exams, try one of these academic success tools, available for all of the following subjects: 

Excel in your law school Business Organizations course!  In this workshop, students review and work through practice exams in major areas typically tested in law school business organizations classes, including a review of  corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies and general agency principles.

USD$39.95 Login or Buy Now

Need help understanding Civil Procedure?  In these workshops, students review and complete practice exams in main areas of civil procedure including jurisdiction, pretrial concerns, trial matters, and use of prior lawsuits (collateral estoppel and res judicata).

USD$39.95 Login or Buy Now

In this workshop, students review and complete practice exams in major areas of California Community Property including how to characterize and distribute property acquired and debts incurred prior to, during, and after marriage.

USD$29.95 Login or Buy Now

Are you ready for a midterm or final exam in Con Law? In these workshops, students review and complete practice exams in key areas of Constitutional Law including equal protection, due process, and freedom of speech and religion.

USD$39.95 Login or Buy Now

Want to understand contracts law explained in simple easy-to-understand language?  In these workshops, students will review and complete practice tests in main areas of contract law including contract formation (offer, acceptance, consideration and more), performance, breach (material breach and minor breach), contracts remedies (damages, restitution, specific performance), and contracts involving third parties (third party beneficiaries, assignments, delegations).

USD$49.95 Login or Buy Now

In these workshops, students will review and complete practice tests in key areas of criminal law including homicidal and non-homicidal offenses against people, crimes against property, preliminary or inchoate offenses, vicarious liability and defense theories.

USD$39.95 Login or Buy now

Need some clarification in crim pro?  In these workshops, students will review and complete practice exams in main areas of Constitutional criminal procedure including 4th Amendment searches and seizures, Miranda and due process rights, the right to counsel, and other rights that arise during trial and on appeal.

USD$39.95 Login or Buy Now

In these workshops, students will review and complete practice exams in key areas of evidence law including relevance principles, hearsay rules and other rules through which evidence may be excluded from court proceedings, privileges, and witness qualifications.

USD$39.95 Login or Buy Now

Pull PR together! In this workshop, students will review and complete practice tests on key areas of professional responsibility including competency, client solicitation and lawyer advertising, zealous representation, conflicts of interest, lawyer’s fees and client funds.

USD$19.95 Login or Buy Now

In these workshops, students will review and complete practice tests in key areas of property law including land acquisition including adverse possession and conveyancing, land use including easements and covenants, landlord tenant concerns, and estates and future interests.

USD$49.95 Login or Buy Now

After determining someone has a valid legal claim, the question then becomes what is that party’s remedy?  In these workshops, students will review and complete practice tests on damages, restitution, and equitable remedies.  Understand specific performance and injunctive relief, and know those defenses to equitable remedies including laches, equitable estoppel, and unclean hands.  

USD$29.95 Login or Buy Now

In these workshops, students review and complete practice exams in key areas of tort law including intentional torts, negligence, and strict liability tort causes of action as well as applicable tort defenses.

USD$49.95 Login or Buy Now

In these workshops, students review and complete practice exams on key areas of trust law including express trusts and trusts created by operation of law, trust administration, and modification and termination of trusts.

USD$29.95 Login or Buy Now

In these workshops, students review and complete practice tests in areas including the requirements for formation of valid testamentary documents, ways a testator may revoke documents, and principles through which documents may be revived, and estate distribution concerns including intestacy rules.

USD$29.95 Login or Buy Now

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Collecting Bar Exam War Stories

For years I have collected bar exam war stories, and I am renewing that mission now. Many have heard tales of something horrible that happened during the bar exam: earthquakes during the bar exam, people passing out during the bar exam, and applicants continuing to write as a fellow test taker was taken out of the bar exam test site on a stretcher. But there are so many untold near tragedies, and a few really comic ones at that.  Do tell!

Just a few days ago a student told me that on Tuesday of this past February Bar exam in California, apparently the fire alarm went off at 8:45 am, at the Ontario location. Allegedly the bar exam applicants all had to leave their seats and started moving towards the exits, just minutes before start time.  Thankfully, the situation was resolve and they did not lose any time in taking the actual exam.

A recent graduate told my class of her stories of being seated near the back of the room during her bar exam, close enough to the bathrooms to literally hear people throwing up throughout the exam.  She said in a perverse way it made her feel better.  (She may have been nervous but at least she wasn’t literally sick, she was better off than the folks she was hearing through the walls.)

A close friend of mine had a contact lens drop out on day one of his bar exam, just as he was about to read the first essay.  (He did not have glasses with him.)

What is your bar exam horror story?  Please share!!

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How Quickly Do You Answer Essay Questions?

Slow down!   Consider this strategy for & essays.
     -Read very slowly and carefully. Read fact patterns three or four times. Read while touching each word with your pencil or finger.
     -Ask what every fact relates to.
     -Show how facts support or refute each side’s arguments with respect to every main (or possibly disputable) issue.
     -Organize thoughts.
     -Outline your answer.
     -Then write.
     -Proofread if you have time.
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Do you study from 9pm to midnight? If so, read this!

Time Management Tip of the Day: Study Before Taking that “Time off”

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Rule statements: mastery of legal vocabulary

One important task for law students, and for law graduates studying for the bar exam, is mastery of legal language.  Just as when we study a foreign language, we need to know what words mean and how to use them in context.  When writing in a foreign language, we also need to learn to spell words correctly.

If you are a 1L, 2L or a 3L law student, and especially if you are planning on taking and passing the upcoming bar exam, you should be able to define all of the following criminal law terms.  Take 20 minutes.  Ready, set, go!

Crimes Against a Person

  1. Assault 
  2. Battery
  3. Mayhem
  4. Kidnapping
  5. Rape
  6. Homicide

Theft Crimes

  1. Larceny
  2. Embezzlement
  3. False pretense
  4. Robbery
  5. Extortion
  6. Theft
  7. Burglary
  8. Receipt of stolen property
  9. Arson

 Inchoate crimes

  1. Solicitation
  2. Conspiracy
  3. Attempt


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