Bar Exam Repeater Program for Law Schools

PASS bar exam repeater programs help law schools to help your students who did not pass the bar exam first time around.

As a boutique bar review and ASP provider whose primary academics are law professors  and bar review lecturers, PASS understands your students and can help.  Of course, we would like students to use lectures, workshops, and practice exams in their 3L and 4L years as early bird and supplemental bar review and pass the exam first time around.  But reality is that many will not pass.  What are your obligations and what would you like to be able to offer those students?

One thing you can offer is PASS online bar review to help those who failed the bar exam because of the essays and performance tests, and PASS Bar Exam Analyses.  PASS online bar review offers lectures and workshops that are all online so students can listen at their own pace (rewinding and listening again to points they did not understand), and students can get the extra help while staying under the radar.  It can be embarrassing for some students who failed the bar exam to go to live lectures; this is a way of getting direct help 24-7 in the privacy of their own homes.

PASS Bar Exam Analyses are a unique PASS service that schools have contracted with PASS to provide their repeat taker alumni a detailed question-by-question review of their failed exam(s) and diagnosis of a student’s writing and analytical skills to assess why that student failed the exam, and to prescribe the necessary changes to put the student on target for success on the next bar exam administration).

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