Bar Exam

PASS provides interactive lectures, logical subject approaches and checklists, easy-to-understand explanations and practice exams.  These courses will help you pass the Essay and Performance Test portions of the California Bar Exam:

  • PASS The Essays provides interactive lectures and easy-to-memorize checklists to train you to write passing essays for every subject tested on the California Bar Exam.
  • PASS The Performance Test, a twelve-hour interactive workshop, provides practice exam training and an effective approach to help  you pass any California Bar Exam Performance Test.
  • PASS The Bar Exam Writing Course combines both PASS The Essays and PASS The Performance Test.  Save on these two courses by purchasing them as a package.

The courses provide great additional training for those who want more writing practice.  These courses are also perfect for people who failed the bar exam because of weaknesses on the Essays and/or Performance Test.

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